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Play What’s Not There 

Wednesday, June 11th, 2014

17 April to 22 June 2014

Works by Steven Campbell, Edward Krasinski, Linder, Bruce Nauman, Robert Whitman, Katharina Wulff and Cerith Wyn Evans

Curated by Michael Bracewell


Edward Krasinski spear

Edward Krasinski
Spear, c. 1963/64
Photograph by Eustachy Kossakowski
© Hanna Ptaszkowska and archive of Museum of Modern Art Warsaw
Courtesy Paulina Krasińska and Foksal Gallery Foundation


Taking its title from an exhortation made by Miles Davis to his musicians, this exhibition identifies occasions in art when the seductions of consummate style or cleverness are sacrificed to gain access to a greater artistic, philosophical or spiritual reality. Such attainment may be achieved in varied ways: by invoking states of invisibility or self-negation, by the assumption of a mythic identity, by transforming repetition into incantation, or through the conversion of aphoristic elegance into gestures of transcendence.

These ideas are informed by the existentialist writings of Søren Kierkegaard on the nature of subjectivity and faith, and the inspiration taken from them by W.H. Auden, notably in his poem ‘New Year Letter’, written subsequent to his arrival in New York in 1939 and shortly before his reconversion to Anglicanism.


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