Let not my long sleep make you angry




The experience of unity is a synthesis achieved only through the reconciliation of conflicting opposites.

LET NOT MY LONG SLEEP MAKE YOU ANGRY is a playful variation on the theme of two disputing voices – Father and young Henry, the relation between the solid order of the world, embodied in bread, as opposed to the sensuality of the artist.

The blue flowers refer to Novalis’ novel Henry Von Ofterdinger, in which the protagonist dreams about the encounter of human nature and spirit. The novel was an answer to Goethe’s Wilhelm Meister, a work that Novalis judged as being highly unpoetical. He disliked the victory of the economical over the poetic.

Benjamin had his reasons when he said: ‘no one really dreams any longer of the blue flower. Whoever awakes as Henry Von Ofterdinger today must have overslept.’ However, one might wonder, in truly utopian fashion: Can poetry be revolutionary (again)?

Mixed media, cm 80x80x40